Dive and Travel Galapagos NATJA Gold Medal Winner

Dive and Travel Galapagos Cover

Dive and Travel Galapagos Cover

Dive and Travel Galápagos  is a great addition to the series of informative dive and travel guides by Steve Rosenberg. The eBook provides detailed descriptions of 47 of the most popular dive sites and dozens of land tours throughout the archipelago. The guide also features detailed info on the fascinating wildlife that visitors will encounter.

Informative Travel Companion

The guide contains a wide range of practical information on travel basics and land activities. The electronic interactive guide has many useful features.  Users can add their own notes and comments to convert the eBook into an amazing travel log. The eBook has hundreds of high resolution color images and several fascinating videos.  This comprehensive guide is a great information resource, making it the perfect travel companion for anyone traveling to the Galapagos.  Dive and Travel Galápagos was released in August of 2017.

Download your copy of DIVE AND TRAVEL GALAPAGOS today! Available from iTunes, Amazon or Google Play. The list price is  US$8.95


“Steve Rosenberg is a highly accomplished writer and photographer, both topside and underwater. As his friend for many years, I know that he has won numerous awards for his works, and that he is highly respected by his peers.

There is an enormous amount of expertise required to properly cover the dive sites, land tours, wildlife, and travel tips that will help others get the most out of a visit to that incredible and varied archipelago. Steve has done a superb job in accomplishing this task, and he is to be congratulated for creating such a thorough guide in a style that is perfect for diving tourists.

Hats off to you Steve! And thank you for creating Dive and Travel Galapagos, a book that is certain to help countless visitors get the most out of their visits both on land and in the water.”

By Marty Snyderman

“Steve’s work in journalism is superb, and his research and delivery is accurate, up to date and fun to read. He has produced superb imagery that compliments his writing … Steve’s eBook Dive and Travel Galapagos is a must companion for your next trip to the Galapagos.”

By Amos Nachoum – Big Animals Expeditions