Dive and Travel Grand Cayman   was the Silver Medal Award Winner in the 2016 North American Travel Journalist’s Association Competition

Dive and Travel Grand Cayman is available from iBooks (iTunes), Kindle (Amazon) and Google Play. It is the definitive guide to diving and touring Grand Cayman. This interactive eBook includes detailed information on more than 75 dive sites, interesting marine life, above-water activities, travel, accommodations, shopping, touring and sight seeing, island history and much more.  It includes stunning photography and  embedded video content. This eBook is the perfect companion for anyone traveling to Grand Cayman or contemplating a trip in the future. Anyone who wants a Grand Cayman Dive Guide or who has an interest in Diving Grand Cayman should download this eBook.  The book can also be used as a dive log and has useful social media components, as well as a digital table of contents and term search features. It was released in November of 2016. The price is US$8.95

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Current Reviews of the new eBook

      Dive and Travel Galapagos:

By Marty Snyderman August 2017

“Steve Rosenberg is a highly accomplished writer and photographer, both topside and underwater. As his friend for many years, I happen to know that he has won numerous awards for his works, and that he is highly respected by his peers.

That said, writing a comprehensive guide to the Galapagos presents quite a challenge. There is an enormous amount of expertise required to properly cover the dive sites, land tours, wildlife, and travel tips that will help others get the most out of a visit to that incredible and varied archipelago. Steve has done a superb job in accomplishing this task, and he is to be congratulated for creating such a thorough guide in a style that is perfect for diving tourists.

Hats off to you Steve! And thank you for creating Dive and Travel Galapagos, a book that is certain to help countless visitors get the most out of their visits both on land and in the water.”

Marty Snyderman. Marty is a professional photographer, Emmy winning cinematographer and cameraman/film producer for numerous award winning documentaries by National Geographic, the BBC, Discovery Channel and PBS Nature Series.

By Amos Nachoum, August 2017

“Steve’s work in journalism is superb, his research and delivery is accurate, up to date and fun to read. He has produced superb imagery that compliments his writing…Steve’s eBook Dive and Travel Galapagos is a must companion for your next trip to Galapagos, one of the best places to dive in the world.”   Amos Nachoum – Big Animals Expeditions

Amos Nachoum. Amos is an award winning marine and wildlife photographer, National Geographic Photo trip leader and creator of the cutting-edge adventure travel program, BIGANIMALS.com


 Reviews of the eBook Dive and Travel Grand Cayman:

Fabulous book about diving and touring Grand Cayman! ★★★★★

by CelesteNemo – Jan 31, 2016

I am a diver, but the book is completely a whole guide to visiting Grand Cayman. There are so many great details about how to travel in Grand Cayman, that even as a seasoned visitor, I found the book incredibly helpful, as there are areas of the island that I would otherwise never chosen to experience, had I not had Steve and Greg offer their experiences for other areas of the island. As a visitor, there is useful above water information, and as a diver, there is exceptional information. Clearly, Steve and Greg, love the underwater world and convey that through the exquisite photography and their interesting commentary on the underwater experiences they encounter. It truly has been a pleasure to read, and I would recommend it to any traveler, interested in above or below the surface!!! Fabulously well done!!!

Wow, thorough guide and excellent tips ★★★★★

by Seanyhton – Dec 3, 2015

I downloaded this eBook for a week-long trip to Grand Cayman. I couldn’t believe how extensive the information was. The details and tips helped me select dive sites, above water activities, and restaurants while on the island. I also took the book with me on the dive boat and the guides amazed at the beautiful images and accuracy of the dive site descriptions. Awesome resource for anyone planning a trip to Grand Cayman!

Dive and Travel Grand Cayman ★★★★★

by Diver Linda – Nov 19, 2015

This is a beautiful, comprehensive book — a must read for anyone planning a trip to Grand Cayman. Stunning photos, amazing videos! Where else can you see coral spawning in a book? I learned a lot about the island even though I’ve been there several times!

The only guide to the Caymans you’ll ever need. ★★★★★

by Kit&K9 – Nov 16, 2015

This is the latest dive and travel guide from well known travel writer, diver and underwater photographer, Steve Rosenberg. This time he has teamed up with Greg Basset an underwater videographer. This guide is very comprehensive. My family and I are passionate divers and have been vacationing every year in the Caymans for as long as I can remember, and we thought we knew the islands. I was amazed at what Steve and Greg cover and the little tidbits of information they have unearthed. This is more than a dive guide. If you are considering a beach holiday in the Caymans or even intending to work there, this is the guide for you. The e-book format works well, and Greg’s embedded underwater video compliments Steve’s award winning underwater stills photography. We thought we knew most of the dive sites and dive operators, but Steve and Greg have discovered some real gems, new and old. We will be referring to this guide on our next vacation in the Caymans. Well done Steve and Greg on this last reference resource. We look forward to your next offering.