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Dive Travel Guides Awards

Dive Travel Guides Awards

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Anyone who likes  Scuba Diving Travel should download a dive travel guide. These guides are the best dive travel guides on the market.  Dive Travel Guides are eBooks or digital versions of print guidebooks. These comprehensive eBooks will provide everything you need to  research a destination, plan your trip and give you lots of information about the destination. These days, virtually everyone travels with some sort of electronic device. These eBooks work well on laptops, tablets and smart phones, as well as on  desk top computers. If you want the perfect travel companion for your scuba vacation, take along one of our dive travel guides.

1. There are many benefits to our ebooks.

You can review highlights of a dive just before you enter the water. If you want a suggestion for a great restaurant just before dinner time type “restaurant” in the search feature. To find suggestions for other activities, look up other things you can do. These eBooks contain an extraordinary amount of content; much more than the traditional print guidebooks. Not only do these guides provide detailed information on the most popular dive sites, but also feature chapters on Marine Life, above water activities, and many other topics.

2. Using the eBook. 

Upon downloading an eBook to your device, you don’t need to have an Internet connection to use the information in the book. Most features in the  guides can be accessed without internet connection. If you want to  look up a specific topic,  use the electronic Table of Contents or  digital search tools.  To record memorable encounters or specific  highlights from your trip,  just add  your own notes to  the text. This literally turns the dive travel guide into a dive log. To get a better look at the pictures or embedded video, just double tap on the screen. This   instantly increases the size of the images or embedded video to  full screen on the device.  Our Dive  Guides are less expensive than  print books, and offer much more.

3. Social Media Capabilities and Direct Links. 

When you do have an Internet connection, the eBook gives you the ability to utilize social media to share your comments and notes with others. You can also use  the live links contained in the book to access the rest of the features, for instance you can find more information or locate related web pages.

4. Award-Winning Dive Travel Guides. 

Finally, for several consecutive years, our guides have received prestigious awards in international Media competitions. sponsored. Most recently our guide, Dive and Travel Galapagos, was named the top Travel Guide published in 2017  by the North American Travel Journalists Association. Dive the Bay Islands of Honduras earned a Gold Medal in the eLit Awards competition. Download one of our award-winning  guides today and let us know what you think.

5. Options for Dive Travel Guides

The Dive Travel Guides can be downloaded from iTunes, Google Play and Amazon. There are  several excellent eBooks for you to take with you on the next dive trip. Check out any of the following eBooks:

  • Dive and Travel Grand Cayman, Dive and Travel the Bay Islands of Honduras, Dive and Travel Galapagos or Dive and Travel Cozumel