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What is Happening in Cozumel-Update February 2020

Notice Regarding the 2019 Temporary Partial Closure of the Cozumel Marine Park (As of December 15, 2019, the closure was revoked, but may be reinstated by the Cozumel Marine Park) There was a  partial closure of the Southern Reefs at the island of Cozumel that became effective on October 7, 2019. To clarify the situation, […]

Download Dive Travel Guides

Download  Dive Travel Guides Anyone who likes  Scuba Diving Travel should download a dive travel guide. These guides are the best dive travel guides on the market.  Dive Travel Guides are eBooks or digital versions of print guidebooks. These comprehensive eBooks will provide everything you need to  research a destination, plan your trip and give […]

The Cozumel Splendid Toadfish

The Splendid Toadfish. © Steve Rosenberg 2019 The Cozumel Splendid Toadfish By Steve Rosenberg The Island of Cozumel is a popular Caribbean dive destination located just off the eastern edge of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Divers will find many unique and beautiful reef fishes. No other reef fish is so closely identified with Cozumel scuba diving […]

Hairy Squat Lobster

The Pink Hairy Squat Lobster or fairy crab, Lauriea siagiani, is closely related to a hermit crab. Although they are fairly common in the Philippines and Indonesia, they are rarely seen by divers partly because they are very small (less than half an inch in length). They also blend in really well with the textured […]

Photo Tip: Creating Black Backgrounds

A Simple approach to Underwater Photography In underwater photography, black backgrounds are a great way to emphasize and highlight your subject. This can sometimes be a frustrating and challenging task, but you can simplify the process by following a few basic steps. Spend a little time setting up your shot, preset manual exposure controls and […]

The Plume of Death – Save Cayman’s Shallow Reefs

For those in the diving community who haven’t been paying attention, George Town Harbor and the surrounding area is currently the focus of a huge controversy regarding construction of a proposed cruise ship berthing facility (cruise ship pier) in Grand Cayman. The reasons given by the proponents of the plan seem to include peer envy […]

The Smooth Trunkfish

There are a number of very interesting fishes in the Caribbean. One of my favorites is certainly the Smooth Trunkfish, Rhimesomus triqueter, a member of the family of fishes called boxfish. These slow-moving reef fish can be one of the most entertaining fish to watch on a dive. They are easily recognizable by their shape, […]

The (Not So) Terrifying Tiger Shark

Although tiger sharks, Galeocerdo cuvier, have long been considered dangerous to humans, today there are a growing number of dive operations worldwide that focus on putting divers and the sharks in the water together. While some shark experts assert that these encounters are just an accident waiting to happen, it is interesting to note that […]

Using Snoots In Macro Photography

A Snoot is simply a device that attaches to the end of a strobe to narrow the beam angle from the light source. Its purpose is to provide a photographer with more control over the illumination of the subject. There are companies that make snoots to be used with a number of different strobes on […]

The Fascinating Coconut Octopus

During a recent trip to Lembeh Strait in Indonesia, I happened upon one of the most fascinating marine-life behaviors that I’ve ever observed. Diving along a fairly shallow, barren, sandy slope, I was searching for something really interesting to photograph. My dive buddy was busily taking pictures of porcelain crabs and ghost shrimps going about […]