Cozumel Splendid Toadfish

Cozumel is pretty much back to normal and the diving is great! Updated Dec 2021

Diving in Cozumel. It is time to travel to Cozumel again. While the Pandemic still has its effects on Travel, Diving in Cozumel is as good as ever. For international Travel we still have to test and mask as required, and it is now pretty easy to travel to Cozumel. The testing required for your return trip to the States is readily available and pretty inexpensive. One great thing about this beautiful island in Mexico is that it has its own International Airport, and there are non-stop direct flights from  many US gateway cities like the Miami, Houston, Denver, Los Angeles, Charlotte, Tampa, Dallas Fort Worth and more. You get the idea, it is waiting for you.

We are busy updating our recent eBook dive travel guide, Dive and Travel Cozumel. Until we finish the new version, you can download the existing eBook for free. So download the guide from an internet platform and go Diving!